The Road To Peace

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The trailer below features music by me but the film itself is one which which everyone should see.

In the media The Dalai Lama has been largely portrayed as a political leader concerned with the issue of Tibet, however, he also commands respect as one of the great philosophers and religious leaders of the 21st Century: a Nobel Peace Prize winner and a figurehead who propelled Buddhism onto the Western stage.

The film is incredibly moving and shows that the Dalai Lama has a presence and aura beyond that afforded by his fame. The fundamental principles of Buddhism are beautiful in their simplicity and if adopted gloabally, the world would certainly be a better place.

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Got To Be Funky!

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There is no music that gets me going like funk music! When that rhythm section kicks in I just gots to move. It’s infectious. A friend, DJ and dance adversary Jim Sharpe sent me through a mix tape with a taste of the funk and soul weekly that is dropped on the Saturday sessions of The Paradise ( on Kilburn Lane, Kensal Green, so I thought I’d share it.

Great for cutting rug to and great background music whilst you work. Enjoy!

Tim Minchin – Storm

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I’d heard of Tim Minchin and liked what I’d seen but it was only when I started wasting time on YouTube that I started to understand the genius of this guy. Musically speaking he is excellent and lyrically he is sublime. His songs are both articulate and intelligent and packed full of incisive wit! What a combo!

The song ‘Prejudice‘ is excellent but Storm is my favourite not least because it is animated (I like moving pictures) and I love the way in which he addresses issues with which I too take issue. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Why pay for music?

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In brief, if you like an artist, and want them to continue making music for your listening pleasure then buying their music, rather than downloading it for free, goes a long way to helping them make more music……

The internet is saturated with millions of songs by millions of bands. Each one hoping to be heard by the ever-elusive A&R guys or major label management. Peer to peer file sharing means that in the same way as back in the 80s when I used to copy friend’s cassettes, (what else would you use a double cassette deck for?) people are sharing music but with unprecedented speed and ease. I don’t need to go round to my mates house now and record in real time. It was a given that this was going to happen so why all the furore? The major labels have the most to lose as their dwindling revenue shows but forgive me if I don’t shed a tear for them. It’s the artist that loses out.

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Props to Ed Sheeran

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Back in 2007 when I played my first gig I was lucky enough to play the same night as Ed Sheeran on several occasions – in particular the T Bird on Black Stock Road. He had an awesome voice, great songs and used the loop pedal to amazing effect. In fact he inspired me to incorporate the loop pedal in to my set. He was amazing three years ago and is still an incredible performer today. He is a classic example of how the cream eventually rises to the surface. Hopefully he is paving the way for a new wave of singer song-writers on the mainstream UK music scene.

He’s famous for the A Team but check out this set on Jools Holland – simple but awesome.

Aloe Blacc – Miss Fortune

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I had the pleasure of seeing Aloe Blacc at The Hop Farm Festival last weekend. Most people were there for Prince, but I have never really been a Prince fan and was getting some dirty looks for not knowing the words to a lot of his songs. I did appreciate the magnitude of his set and the quality of his band and yes he blew everyone away, including me!


But Aloe Blacc was the highlight for me. I love soul/funk music and Aloe Blacc with the help of his rhythm and horn section had me bopping on the spot before I’d even had a drink. I love the fact that something with this much soul can get in the charts. Everyone knows him for ‘I need a Dollar’ (ironically he used to work for Ernst and Young) but one of my favourite tracks on the album is ‘Miss Fortune’ ….but as my live sets will testify, I’m a sucker for a dub/reggae break



Acoustic Jim – Forever

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Officially the 2nd track from the new album to be finished and mixed.


It’s a stripped back acoustic track with acoustic guitar and double bass inspired by listening to Amos Lee.


The Theme: Love


I got married in 2010 and ahead of the ceremony I was browsing for readings. Everything I found was quite generic and impersonal so I decided to write something myself. The result was The Gift’ which I later decided to turn it into a song called ‘Forever’.


The songs tracks the first time I knew I was in love which was back in 2001 when I was living in Frankfurt Germany.  It was a strange feeling but one that literally occupied my thoughts from the moment I awoke to the moment I fell asleep. It then talks about how falling in love essentially made me a less selfish person because when you love someone else you start to love yourself a little less. I also touch on the feeling of giving away a part of myself, whether that be my heart or my soul, and that in order to do so you have to completely trust that that person is the right person. My favourite line from the song is,


‘Life can never be that hard with my best friend by my side.’


I opted for some female vocals on the chorus as it seemed fitting for a song about eternal love. A special thank you to Edie Lobo for providing them.

Acoustic Jim and The Wires to Play Hop Farm Festival

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Quite frankly, as The People’s Music Awards winners their soulful set of summer tunes is perfectly suited, their energy and ability on stage is undeniable and they would make the perfect addition to any festival…. not least the Hop Farm Festival 2011.

Jim and Chris decided last September that they would contact every UK festival in a bid to play one. Unfortunately their efforts were in vain….. there is one last hope!! You can vote for them to play!

Please help them realise their dream

Acoustic Jim For Hop Fram Festival 2011

If successful Jim and The Wires will get to grace the same stages as The Eagles, Lou Reed, Brandon Flowers, Newton Faulkner, Manu Chao La Ventura, Graha Coxon and more…… wooooohoooooo!!!!

Acoustic Jim Cover of Snoop Dogg – Gs and Hustlas

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Back in 94 when Acoustic Jim was rolling with the Dogg Pound, he and Snoop wrote a song called ‘Gs and Hustlas.’ Unfortunately, back in the day, AJ and Snoop got blazed and tuned it into a hip hop track. Jim is playing the song here how it was originally intended…… as an acoustic cover version. Although still in touch, Jim and Snoop roll with different crews these days. Jim choosing to roll with the Acoustic Crips. They both however, continue to rock the mic in their respective fashions.

The Dawn of a New Acoustic Era

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Photo SHoot From The Albert and Pearl


Welcome to the new home of Acoustic Jim and The Wires. It’s about time I updated the old website and this is it. But it is like saying goodbye to a child as they leave home. I built the old site with my own two hands. It was a steep learning curve grappling with Dreamweaver but I did and she was good to me.

However this is the new one stop shop for everything Acoustic Jim. Music, videos, gigs, downloads and anything else your heart could possible desire. This is where I shall base the revolution of getting the world enjoying croissants smothered in Marmite!!!