Bathroom Sessions – Losing, Lost, Found

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Live acoustic music from my toilet!
YouTube is king and certainly in terms of music, it is the place that the vast majority of people go to consume. Just have a look at the 2010 Music Website Heat Map. So, I thought it was about time that I started getting more of my music on YouTube. What better way than with the Bathroom Sessions – live acoustic music from my toilet!

It’s not secret that the best acoustics in most people’s homes is the bathroom, so I thought I’d make a series of videos performing my back catalogue and a few cheeky covers from the comfort of my bathroom. The first in this series is ‘Losing, Lost, Found’ which is take from my debut album ‘Hanging Up My Cape’

Great Music Video

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When looking to do a music video I used a company called Radar Music Video. I posted my budget and brief and got budding video directors contacting me with ideas. I ultimately chose Chob Animation who presented me with an incredible animated idea for the track ‘Time.’ The result is below

The theme is based on the ‘Bucket List’ concept of two elderly gents who having found out they they don’t have long to live, embark on an adventure to do all the things they never made time for. The theme of the track Time, is that despite always saying that we ‘don’t have time,’ we do actually have time. It’s just a question of what we choose to do with it.

Chob’s 2D animation pays hommage to the greats like Tex Avery and Warner Bros and is filled with pathos as well as the tongue in cheek comedy that was typical of the era. Look out for a similar video for Superhero – coming soon.

Acoustic Jim – FREE Music

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So it’s now official! The release of my debut album is the 12th August. It will go on pre release on the 5th August and if you are lucky enough to see me live between 5th and 12th you will be able to get a physical copy!

The album will be launched at the same time as a fully animated music video for Time – watch this space for a teaser!

In the meantime, by way of celebration, I’m giving away my back catalogue for free. Feel free to TELL THE WORLD!!!!

Props to Ed Sheeran

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Back in 2007 when I played my first gig I was lucky enough to play the same night as Ed Sheeran on several occasions – in particular the T Bird on Black Stock Road. He had an awesome voice, great songs and used the loop pedal to amazing effect. In fact he inspired me to incorporate the loop pedal in to my set. He was amazing three years ago and is still an incredible performer today. He is a classic example of how the cream eventually rises to the surface. Hopefully he is paving the way for a new wave of singer song-writers on the mainstream UK music scene.

He’s famous for the A Team but check out this set on Jools Holland – simple but awesome.

Acoustic Jim – Forever

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Officially the 2nd track from the new album to be finished and mixed.


It’s a stripped back acoustic track with acoustic guitar and double bass inspired by listening to Amos Lee.


The Theme: Love


I got married in 2010 and ahead of the ceremony I was browsing for readings. Everything I found was quite generic and impersonal so I decided to write something myself. The result was The Gift’ which I later decided to turn it into a song called ‘Forever’.


The songs tracks the first time I knew I was in love which was back in 2001 when I was living in Frankfurt Germany.  It was a strange feeling but one that literally occupied my thoughts from the moment I awoke to the moment I fell asleep. It then talks about how falling in love essentially made me a less selfish person because when you love someone else you start to love yourself a little less. I also touch on the feeling of giving away a part of myself, whether that be my heart or my soul, and that in order to do so you have to completely trust that that person is the right person. My favourite line from the song is,


‘Life can never be that hard with my best friend by my side.’


I opted for some female vocals on the chorus as it seemed fitting for a song about eternal love. A special thank you to Edie Lobo for providing them.

Acoustic Jim – ‘The One Who Loves You’

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It’s true, I am the one who loves you. If you are reading my blog I really do.


‘She’s The One’ This is the first of the new album tracks to be mixed. I think I’m sticking with this title. It’s changed a few times now….. End Up Alone…… She’s the One (Robbie who now?)


The sound:

It’s a really grooving funk track with Spanish guitars and mariachi style trumpets! Chris holds down ‘phat’ funk goove whilst Sam’s bass dances around it. An odd combination I hear you cry. Maybe so but variety is the spice of life. I used to think Marmite and Cheese was an odd combination but god damn it it works.


What’s it about?

The song is about finding love and allowing it to be all consuming. I’ve often watched friends find love and when they do, they seem to disappear into a heart shaped abyss. You rarely hear from them and almost never see them. I always think that when you find love the tendency is to live, act and think as a couple and so the individual is not necessarily lost, but becomes obscured. I’m not saying this is right or wrong. I may even be guilty of it myself. But it can be frustrating and in extreme cases I have seen people lose friends as a result. At the time of writing I was thinking that partners come and go but friends are more enduring – hence the chorus – ‘Don’t End up Alone.’


‘The Queen of Hearts she plays her hand,

no mortal man he can withstand,

the picture perfect photograph,

of a life of love’


Unfortunately you won’t get to hear it until later in the summer (beginning of August) but hopefully that wets your whistle! I’ll be posting news on the new tracks as and when they are finished….. so watch this space.


A to the J

Acoustic Jim Saves Tonight

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This aousto-reggae cover was released a while back now but I felt that it warranted a place on my blog. That and the fact that I couldn’t think of much else to blog about. The inspiration for a reggae track came from watching Ben Harper at the O2 Wireless Festival a few years back. I noticed that when he played a reggae version of ‘My Own Two Hands’ everyone’s heads started bobbing. You can’t deny the groove of a reggae beat….. no one can! I dare you to try! So anyway, the track was originally done with Jack Johnson for the ‘Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies’ album but worked really well as a reggae adaptation….. and a few months later this track was born.


Acoustic Jim Cover of Snoop Dogg – Gs and Hustlas

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Back in 94 when Acoustic Jim was rolling with the Dogg Pound, he and Snoop wrote a song called ‘Gs and Hustlas.’ Unfortunately, back in the day, AJ and Snoop got blazed and tuned it into a hip hop track. Jim is playing the song here how it was originally intended…… as an acoustic cover version. Although still in touch, Jim and Snoop roll with different crews these days. Jim choosing to roll with the Acoustic Crips. They both however, continue to rock the mic in their respective fashions.